Bill Savage

Member of the Society for American Baseball Research and Cubs season-ticket holder, Bill teaches American literature, including a class on baseball film and fiction, at Northwestern University and the Newberry Library of Chicago. He also writes, tends bar, and rides his bicycle year-round. Busy guy.
    • notgivingashit
      May 8, 2013

      On Not Giving a Shit About Some Sports

      Plenty of verbal energy has been expended on how Cubs pitcher Scott Feldman thought that he was getting cheered on by the “crowd” at Wrigley Monday night when he came to bat in the fifth inning, when fans were actually …

    • ws_ring_2005
      Jan 14, 2013

      How Much For A 2005 White Sox World Series Ring?

      Hey, Sox fans, you have a unique opportunity! Someone on eBay is selling a 2005 Sox World Series Ring. The provenance isn’t totally clear; it’s called a “version” ring, so I imagine it’s from the manufacturing process. Bid away, here. …

    • dale_sveum_baseball_card
      Dec 5, 2012

      Savage: I Now Worship Dale Sveum

      As I contemplate the fact that full payment on my season tickets is due in a few weeks, the news that Cubs manager Dale Sveum was shot by Hall of Famer Robin Yount just makes me smile. Yount’s marksmanship is …

    • HOF_ball
      Nov 29, 2012

      Oh, The Banality!: MLB HOF Rumination

      On your marks, get set, moralize! With the release of the 2013 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot, we will begin a silly season of re-hashing all the arguments about steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs, with the added downside of the …

    • World_Series_2012_150
      Oct 29, 2012

      The World Series Sucked

      Conservative dweeb and staunch Cubs fan George Will has allegedly written one true thing in his long and platitudinous career: “There are only two seasons: baseball and the Void.” And as we enter the void until pitchers and catchers report …

    • 2012_MLB_Playoffs_Guide_ChicagoSide
      Oct 5, 2012

      A Loser’s Guide To The MLB Playoffs

      What do you do when your team is eliminated and baseball is moving on to the postseason? In Chicago, this is almost never a hypothetical question. But fear not. Savage, channeling Royko, is here to help you root correctly.

    • Soldier_small
      Oct 1, 2012

      What Does Soldier Field Mean To Chicago?

      Sports fans one and all love trivia questions. So, as the Chicago Bears vacillate between exciting, exasperating, and mystifying (Great victory thanks to newly dominant offense! Horrific defeat thanks to utter incompetence in all three phases! Not-so-great victory thanks to…whatever!), …

    • Football_extinct_625_ChicagoSide
      Sep 19, 2012

      Football: Enjoy It While You Can

      It’s not just the football players who are at risk. The maturing brains of young players are endangered as well, and perhaps even more so. So, enjoy football while you can. It will be changing, because of America’s real national pastime…

    • Wrigley_Wave_ChicagoSide_600
      Aug 22, 2012

      On Witnessing The Wave At Wrigley Field

      After decades of successful suppression, Bill Savage saw it. Last Tuesday night at the Cubs-Astros game, in the top of the 8th inning of a 10-1 Cubs loss. The Wave. Starting in the left-field corner across from the firehouse, and going all the way around. Six, maybe seven, times. Is nothing sacred?