Dmitry Samarov

Dmitry paints and writes in Chicago. He's the author of "Hack: Stories from a Chicago Cab." He's on Twitter @samarov much more often than he should be.
    • american_fans_chicagoside_150
      Feb 4, 2013

      United We Stand, Divided We Cheer

      As I watched the Super Bowl yesterday, I was struck by how much we love our teams, how we really feel that they belong to us. The football season stretches over more than half a year, pre-season to post-season, and …

    • soxfans_samarov_625
      Sep 26, 2012

      A Late-September Afternoon At Sox Park

      Youkilis wouldn’t play on Yom Kippur Eve, so the Sox changed the time of Tuesday’s game against the Indians to 1:10 p.m.—a rare, afternoon tilt. With the Sox just a game up and about a week of season left, how could the writer miss it?