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When Good Things Happen To Bad Teams: Retro Unis

EDITOR’S NOTE: With both baseball teams struggling, it has turned into a long season for Chicago fans. So we thought we’d run this silver-lining series, “When Good Things Happen To Bad Teams (WGTHTBT)” which looks for the best in the bad…

Nobody would say that Chicago’s two venerable baseball franchises are looking good in 2013. After the weekend, the Cubs and White Sox were a combined 25 games below .500. At this point, that Second City moniker seems awfully generous, as neither will finish anywhere near the top of the division. But at least over the weekend, both teams were easy on the eyes.

GOOD THING: Both teams wore kick-ass throwback uniforms last weekend.

The Cubs and Mariners don’t have too much history with each other. Besides the famed Milton Bradley for Carlos Silva deal that was the rare lose-lose, and both witnessing Lou Piniella throw temper tantrums as their manager, the Cubbies and M’s haven’t crossed paths too often outside of spring training. They certainly didn’t in 1909, when the Cubs were the reigning two-time World Series champs and the Mariners wouldn’t exist for another  70 years.

Yet, on Saturday with the Cubs in town, the Mariners chose to throwback to the 1909 Seattle Turks, who won 109 games in the Northwest League. Regardless of how oddly timed the promotion was, the result was a pretty sweet looking game. The Cubs did especially well, wearing throwbacks that were faithful to the original look.

The Sox, meanwhile, have been doing the throwback thing for every Sunday home game, wearing their home 1983 uniforms.



No matter that they lost 4-0 Sunday to the Indians to finish a four-game sweep at home, the Sox looked better than Cleveland, as they have every other home Sunday of the season.Maybe the Cubs can wear their throwbacks a few more times, if only to distract us from how they’re actually playing.

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