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How Do We Love the White Sox? Let Us Count the Ways

Here at ChicagoSide yesterday, we thanked Hector Santiago for his graceful sweeping tag of Josh Willingham, which reminded us that White Sox baseball can still be fun, even in a lost and dreary season such as this one.

But is that it? Is that all they’ve got?

Hell, no. Here are 18 ways to love your 2013 Chicago White Sox. Tell us yours.

  1. Say what you want about U.S. Cellular Field, the place smells good, like a ballpark should. Seriously.
  2. Churros.
  3. Adam Dunn is pounding the ball (and striking out) like the Adam Dunn of old. He’s hitting at just about his career average. His all-or-nothing at-bats remain among the dramatic in the game.
  4. Chris Sale is a bad, bad man.
  5. While Wrigleyville more and more resembles some kind of Bourbon Street/Disneyland hybrid, Bridgeport is a real Chicago neighborhood. Check it out.
  6. Beer selection is not as good as the Hopleaf, but it beats the hell out of Wrigley’s.
  7. The outfield shower.
  8. Comiskey Burger.
  9. LGBT Pride night.
  10. The team cares about history, which is why Minnie Minoso still prowls the place and Ted “Double Duty” Radcliffe is honored every year.
  11. Fireworks.
  12. The beer vendor who looks like a viking.
  13. Don Cooper, our favorite pitching coach in the game, once said this: “I’m not going to let new-school ways get in the way of my old-school thinking. I don’t need biomechanics. I have experience. I have my eyes. I just watch and look.”
  14. Andre Rienzo, first Brazilian-born big-league pitcher.
  15. Say what you will about the rest of the ballpark’s appearance, but the field itself is always gorgeous.
  16. The management treats customers as if they want their business. Some other teams we know might give this idea a try.
  17. Ron Kittle is always hanging around, and if you don’t love Ron Kittle you’re hopeless.
  18. Plenty of good seats available.

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