PHOTOS: Naked New Year, 2013! Chicago Sports Fans Undressed

Aside for a couple of anecdotal successes, the Chicago sports world fell on its big, burly ass in 2012—injuries, underachievement… you name it. But underneath it all, we noticed something undeniable in this our first set of seasons covering Chicago sports: the unmistakable, undying love a Chicagoan has for his or her teams, warts and all.

It’s in your bones, Chicago. Strip you down, and you’ll find fandom on your skin. So where’s your photo spread? How come it’s always the athletes, with their bloated contracts and sculpted glutes, who get the high-gloss treatment from fancy-shmancy magazines? We’re looking at you, ESPN.

Not this time. It’s your turn. In honor of the New Year, which promises, as always, to bring more pain than fortune for you the ever-dedicated Chicago Sports Fan, ChicagoSide and crackerjack photographer Kim Malkowski (, give you: Naked New Year 2013! We even managed to get our co-founder Solomon Lieberman in his birthday suit. (Apologies to Notre Dame, the Sky, and DePaul… but we couldn’t nail you suckers down!)

MORE: Listen to ChiSide’s Solomon Lieberman and ace photographer Kim Malkowski talk about Naked New Year with Morning Moose crew at Lazer 103.3. (1/7/2013)

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