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QUESTION: What Did You Do When The Blackhawks Won?

Late Saturday night, via Twitter, we told Blackhawks fans to do what I did after Saturday’s game: “take a walk, kiss your significant other and breathe.”

That wasn’t a lie.

I had already worked another gig and came back to Lincoln Square to watch the Blackhawks with my girlfriend. We went to The Grafton, a decidedly non-sports place. But as the game wore on, more and more and more people gathered around the bar. Some air went out of the place when Mike Richards scored to tie the game, and pandemonium set in when Patrick Kane won it in double OT.

Maybe it was because I was spent from working earlier, but I reacted in a way I didn’t expect. I was simply finished. Before calling it a night I did exactly what we tweeted. I kissed my significant other and we went for a walk around Welles Park. It helped tremendously.

What did you do?

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