Editor’s Picks 11/28: RIP Marvin Miller, Cutler Revival

MARVIN MILLER: The man perhaps most singularly responsible for the current economic landscape of professional sports passed away Tuesday at 95 (The New York Times). Miller turned the MLB Players Union into the most powerful union in the country and his legacy will forever be highlighted by ushering in the era of free agency. There are plenty of eulogies and remembrances circulating, but a couple favorites include Malcolm Gladwell’s in The New Yorker and Jeff Passan’s on Yahoo! It should also be noted that coinciding with the passing of Miller—who is not in the Hall of Fame—2013 HOF ballots will be unveiled today with names like Bonds, Clemens, and Sosa on them (The New York Times).

GOOD OL’ CUTTY: Jay Cutler finds himself in an odd position this week: the good guy. The Internet’s sports police, Deadspin, appear to have taken up the task of defending the much admonished quarterback in the case of The Public v. Cutler. Ricky O’Donnell runs down the cyber love (SB Nation) for Cutler as the gritty anti-hero after he was roasted by Tom Jackson on ESPN’s NFL Countdown Sunday morning for his body language arriving at Soldier Field. The Sun-Times got in the act, too, Wednesday with a column titled: Jay Cutler not best, but best of rest?

In other news…

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— Daily Herald: Feldman Signing Helps Cubs Settle Rotation

— Chicago Sun-Times: White Sox add Daryl Boston, Bobby Thigpen to coaching staff

— Chicago Tribune: Bears Add Veteran Lineman Gurode 

— Buzzfeed: 11 Photos That Prove Chris Christie (is Brady Hoke)

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