Editor’s Picks 12/12: Jabari’s Season, Decision

JABARI: Scoop Jackson takes on Jabari Parker’s senior season for ESPN.com, putting the three-time state champion in a new light: underdog. After breaking his foot over the summer, Parker played his first game of the year Dec. 1, and Jackson writes the results were mixed, and so were the optics.

He is out of shape and his attitude seemed a little more demonstrative, but that’s normal for a 17-year-old superstar/phenom frustrated with the fact that since he’s still recovering from a broken foot he can’t immediately do what he used to before the injury. He’s on a mission this year to be a greater leader than he is a ballplayer.

The injury is the first setback in a young basketball life that has been national news and featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Parker has been a star in high school, and on the international and AAU stages. As he searches for an unprecedented fourth state title, Parker’s senior season is shaping up to be Chicago’s most compelling winter story line—until Derrick Rose returns. In other news…

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