Editor’s Picks 12/17: More Bears Pain

PACK IT IN?: The 21-13 loss (NFL.com) to the Packers Sunday was vintage Lovie Smith: the Bears were in position to win, but an incompetent offense assured they didn’t. Twice, the Bears had the ball deep in Packers’ territory in the second half—1st and goal at the 5, and a drive that started in the red zone after the Packers botched a punt return trick play. On both occasions, the Bears kicked field goals as boos rained down from the stands. The Packers are NFC North Champs, have won six straight against the Bears (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel), and Chicago is, once again, on the outside looking in at the playoff picture (ESPN).

The Bears were a more entertaining team after the game. Brandon Marshall called for accountability—and jobs, too (Tribune video). Brian Urlacher griped about the boos. Marshall got the backing of columnists Jon Greenberg (ESPN Chicago) and David Haugh (Tribune), while Rick Morrissey (Sun-Times) and Mike Wilbon (ESPN) sang swan songs for Lovie. Mark Potash delivers Sunday’s grades for the Bears (Sun-Times), and Kellen Davis eschewed any soul searching, deciding to blame the refs (Sun-Times). In other news…

—CSN Chicago: Thibodeau confirms Rose’s increased participation

—Chicago Tribune: A Bear for all seasons (a look at Dick Butkus)

—Five Thirty Eight: A Smart Breakaway for Big East Basketball Schools (including DePaul)

—DNAInfo: ‘Rudy’s’ Nephew Makes A Name For Himself

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