Editor’s Picks 12/18: Urlacher v. Fans

URLACHER V. FANS: Brian went on FOX-Chicago Sunday night and delivered his defense of Lovie Smith. He also had some choice comments for the booing Bears fans, who have made his jersey one of the NFL’s most popular during his tenure in the league. ‘‘Two of the people I don’t care about: fans or media,’’ Urlacher said. Columnists on Tuesday morning had equally harsh words for the Bears’ middle linebacker. David Haugh (Tribune) writes Urlacher’s misguided anger makes the Bears “as unlikable as they have been unwatchable.” Rick Morrissey (Sun-Times) turns the tables, saying no one is all that fond of No. 54, either. And Barry Rozner defends fans’ honor, writing “Fans are not as dumb as Urlacher thinks. They know bad football, bad coaching and a washed-up linebacker when they see it.” If this is the end of the Urlacher era, it is a sad one. In other news…

— ESPN Chicago: Video: Cutler reacts to Marshall’s comments (about accountability)

— CSN Chicago: Offensive woes doom Bulls in loss to Grizzlies

— South Side Sox: More catchers change teams while A.J. Pierzynski stands by

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