Editor’s Picks 12/19: Noah Dark Thirty

JOAKIM NOAH: On the day Noah retired his finger guns (Chicagoist), he could have used them. Noah laid a triple-double on the Celtics in a convincing 100-89 Bulls win (highlights via NBA.com) that moved them to 14-11. Noah’s 11-point, 13-board, 10-assist night is his latest stellar effort in a season that has him garnering buzz both as an All-Star (Bulls.com) and an overworked big man (Grantland). Of course, it remains to be seen how Jo holds up, averaging 40.3 minutes per game entering Tuesday (he only played 37 against the C’s). But as of Dec. 13, suddenly the Bulls look like an above-average team with Noah a key catalyst. And isn’t it nice to not have to think about the Bears for a day? In other news…

— Chicago Sun-Times: Telander: Bears’ coach Lovie Smith doesn’t know “O”

— ESPN Chicago: Parker’s dad still unsure of Jabari’s choice

— Yahoo!: Every team in youth league sponsored by White Sox will have ‘Sox’ in name

— ESPN: The Enduring Mystery of Roberto Clemente

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