Editor’s Picks 12/26: Asik and Destroy

OMER’S RETURN: The Bulls will have many years to pat themselves on the back or second guess their handling of Omer Asik last summer, who returned to the United Center Tuesday night and shredded the Bulls, racking up 20 points, 18 rebounds, and three blocks. Asik said it was a little weird to be back at the UC (ESPN Chicago), but it was the Bulls feeling queasy after a 120-97 Christmas night loss. After the game, Jeremy Lin explained Asik perhaps better than anyone: “He’s a very large human being and hard to stop.” In other news…

CSN Chicago: Deng hurts ankle in loss to Rockets

Chicago Tribune: Levin’s Goal: Own an NHL franchise

Chicago magazine: Joakim Noah’s turnaround

ESPN: Paint like a champion (Rick Reilly on the famous sign in South Bend)

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