Friday Five: Jan. 4, 2013

The best Chicago sports stories from the week…

New_York_Times_Friday_Five_128#1: Before Notre Dame
Coach Brian Kelly found himself at Grand Valley State — a terrific story from Greg Bishop in The New York Times.

CHI_twitter_icon_bigger#2: Requiem For A Lovie
Nine years, one super Bowl, three trips to the playoffs, and four offensive coordinators — Jon Greenberg ties a bow on the Lovie Era at ESPN Chicago.

Chicago_Tribune_Friday_Five#3: In Phil We Trust?
Phil Emery is the man with a plan at Halas Hall. The early reviews on his coaching search are positive — especially this one from David Haugh in the Trib.

SI_Friday_Five#4: BCS Crashers
NIU crashed the BCS with a stud QB and a little luck. They got smoked — but Pete Thamel’s Sports Illustrated story on Jordan Lynch following in Donovan McNabb’s footsteps is smokin’.

DNA_Info_Chicago_128_Friday_Five#5: Yay, Taxes!
A new study details property tax breaks at the United Center — Ted Cox of DNA Info has the story on what looks like a very cushy deal.

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