Grantland’s Barnwell ranks Bears #1

This is bananas…and it’s not.

It is because all Power Polls, abbreviated or otherwise, are generally a waste of time. What wouldn’t be a waste of time would be a 10-year audit of all such rankings from across legit sports media, juxtaposed with the *real* post-season performances of said ranked teams.

It is because it’s early, and it’s an odd season already bruised by replacement refs and more-than-usual parity. For example, The Packers (his #8 team) are a 4-2 team that just put a felony-level hurting on the once-best Houston Texans (his #2 team). In their house.

It is because, well, it just is.

It’s not because, due to obscuring media obsessions (Cutler’s cutlerness, etc.), Chicago’s notably increased state of desperation for another Super Bowl, not to mention the hanging malaise left from the second half of 2011 (the Thumb, the other injuries, Forte, Angelo, Martz, Forte again, etc.) we in Chicago don’t seem secure in believing—much less, saying—that we’re good.

Because we are. The Bears are a good football team.

The best? Who knows. Who cares. As Barnwell outlines aptly for, the schedule for the remainder of the season is incredibly tough.

If they are, they will be.

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