How Much For A 2005 White Sox World Series Ring?

Hey, Sox fans, you have a unique opportunity!

Someone on eBay is selling a 2005 Sox World Series Ring. The provenance isn’t totally clear; it’s called a “version” ring, so I imagine it’s from the manufacturing process. Bid away, here.


Just $24,999.99.

(Me, if it were a Cubs ring, I’d round up to $25,000, but Bridgeport bidding strategy isn’t my forte.)

Also includes free shipping. For nearly twenty-five-goddamn grand, it’d better be delivered in a limo by Miss Alabama wearing her sash and a smile and not much else.

There’s a “Make an Offer” option. I offered $10.00. Let’s see if that’s enough! If not, there’s a “Buy it Now” option; maybe the guys at the Hamburg Social Club can round up that much spare change from their couch cushions.

(H/T Gapers Block)

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