Owner of Twitter-Rattling “Cubs NL Champs 2003″ Hat Explains

A sickly-sweet and deeply weird image re-tweeted many times across the Interwebs Friday, after being flagged by ESPN business reporter Darren Rovell:

cubs ws

The Cubs won the NLCS in 2003? Well, if the hat says so…

But, alas, we had to investigate this capped challenge to the historical record, which has held for a decade that the Florida Marlins and Steve Bartman beat the Cubs in seven games that year. We went to the hat’s owner, Wicker Park resident Kevin Rohr (@kmrohr).

He emailed us the following explanation:

Actually, my father works for (an) apparel company and (one) of his customers produced the hat and returned it to him after the Cubs lost. This was given to him as a gift because his customer knew he was a Sox fan. I wear it to Cubs games and those North Siders actually give me high fives!  I do get a lot of ugly looks as well. Most of these rejected items are sent to poorer countries.

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