Savage: I Now Worship Dale Sveum

As I contemplate the fact that full payment on my season tickets is due in a few weeks, the news that Cubs manager Dale Sveum was shot by Hall of Famer Robin Yount just makes me smile.

Yount’s marksmanship is nothing to laugh about, of course, and I take no delight from Sveum’s injury. Hunters should play it safe—but accidents do happen. According to the stellar Tribune Cubs beat writer Paul Sullivan, the two former Brewers teammates were hunting quail, and Yount lost track of Sveum’s location. He sighted a target on the wing, and pulled the trigger; some of the birdshot hit Sveum in the back and right ear.

Despite the fact that “it was a ‘bloody’ scene,” Sveum’s reaction is heartening:  “It’s not that big a deal,” he said.

This total down-playing of the potentially fatal encounter gives me faith for the Cubs in the future. I mean, the organization shoots itself in the foot so often, having a manager who’s been shot in the head and lived to brush it off so casually can only bode well.

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