The 2013 Lovie Smith: Taking A Time Out

As reported this week, former Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith plans to sit out the 2013 season after failing to land a head-coaching position with either San Diego, Buffalo or Philadelphia. Or Arizona or Buffalo. Or Kansas City or Jacksonville. Or Cleveland. But he’s not a wallow-on-the-couch type of guy. If we know Lovie, he’ll keep busy, even if he’s getting paid $5 million by the Bears to stay away.

Which gig would best fit Lovie’s sabbatical?

School Bus DriverLovie_Smith_On_The_Job_Chicagoside_6

Sure, time management isn’t his forte and his kids would be late occasionally, but with his strong defensive instincts, would there be a safer set of school children in America?

Starbucks Barista

Everything is decaffeinated for Lovie, so maybe this isn’t for him.

D.J. D.Fence

Not pictured: Mike Martz popping and locking on the dance floor.

Celebrity Judge on “The Voice”

“Cassadee Pope is our singer.”


Was there a more centered coach in the League?

Airport Security1_Lovie_Smith_On_The_Job_Chicagoside_5

Nobody’s getting through. Literally.

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