VIDEO: Meghan At The Tailgate (Bears-Texans)

Meet Meghan Kluth, ChicagoSide’s newest addition.

Each week, Meghan and her crackerjack film crew are hitting the Chicago streets in search of fandom at its finest. In this her first installment, she tackled the Bears-Texans tailgate, which included the expected—sausage, Ditka, brew—and the unexpected—a wedding! Sadly, the night ended in a tough loss, but as any true tailgater knows: there’s always next week… unless there’s a bye… or if the season’s over… you get the idea.

Where should she go next week? Send Meghan suggestions @ChicagoSide and @Kluthfairy.

VIDEO #1: Meghan At The Tailgate (Bears-Texans)
VIDEO #2: Meghan At Black(hawk) Friday


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