What The Canuck?! Twitter Responds To Bears Hiring A ‘Canadian’

canadian_bears_chicago_trestman_150OMFG! Marc Trestman is from Canada. Actually, he’s from Minneapolis, but since 2007 he’s coached the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL. So yeah, basically, he’s one of them. Since the possibility first dawned last week that the Chicago Bears, led by 13 consecutive red-blooded Americans—including one “ultra-ultra-ultra conservative” from Carnegie, Penn.—would suddenly go all NAFTA with its latest hire, the citizens of the United States of Twitter have made their disdain perfectly clear.

Ahem, Vermont?

Note: Canadian football has slightly different rules from the NFL: there are 12 men on each team, forward motion, three downs, and a wider field.

And of course, why confine the hate to simply nationalism?

So, to review:

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