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The 13 Best Chicago Sports Commercials Ever

almanac-significance-smallEDITOR’S NOTE: This story is an important part of something bigger, something special, known as “The ChicagoSide Sports Almanac of Significance, Vol. 1,” which offers you, dear reader, a content series as yet unavailable on the Web: An unchallengeable compendium of iron-clad analyses of Chicago sports topics of consequence — Top 25 Chicago Sports Legends, Best Chicago Team Ever, Best Facial Hair. >> For a full index of all 15 stories, click here.

Chicago might be the Second City but its athletes are first-class pitchmen. Michael Jordan became the greatest shoe-seller in the world, and the 1985 Bears were willing to hawk pretty much any product you wanted, albeit for a pretty penny.

Here are the greatest commercials in Chicago sports history.

Jim McMahon for Taco Bell:

Jim McMahon and William Perry for Coke:

Brian Urlacher and David Ortiz for Vitaminwater:

Brian Urlacher for Old Spice:

Jeremy Piven: Detroit Sucks:

Kerry Wood finds Andre Dawson for State Farm:

Harry Caray: Cub Fan, Bud Man:

Michael Jordan and Larry Bird for McDonald’s:

Michael Jordan for Gatorade:

Michael Jordan and Spike Lee for Nike:

Niklas Hjalmarsson for the Blackhawks, and Ikea:

Dick Butkus and Bubba Smith for Miller Lite:

Derrick Rose for Adidas:

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