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The Bears Fall Short, Tickets Still Rise

Somewhere in the universe, tickets for sporting events rise and fall based on the success of the teams performing. Unfortunately, Earth is not that place.

Case in point: The Bears have only one playoff victory in six years, yet the average ticket price for a Bears home game in 2013 is $416, according to Chicago-based VividSeats.com. That price, calculated based on available tickets on the secondary marketplace, is good for the second highest average among NFL franchises, trailing only the perennial Super Bowl-contending New England Patriots.


The economics speak for themselves; Chicago is a football town with great tradition and a storied history. Tickets will always be in demand and sold at a premium. In some ways it’s a tribute to the determination and loyalty of Bears fans. In other ways, like the Jay Cutler contract extension, it might be a matter of pushing mediocrity too far. If you’re a fan who values his cash, at some point you’re going to wonder if the math holds up.

Wait. There’s more.

Also from Vivid Seats: The Bears play in five of the 15 top-priced games in the 2013 season.


That’s generous, considering the Bears didn’t make the playoffs in 2012. They also enter 2013 with a new coaching staff and question marks on defense, which makes the next piece of information even more striking. The Fan Cost Experience App offers something called “Fan Cost Index,” which is the total average cost of tickets and stadium expenses for a family of four. FCI for the Bears last year came to a whopping $608.64, a 16.3% increase from the previous years’ total, and the biggest jump in FCI for all 32 teams.


The lesson here seems obvious enough: Save up, Bears fans.

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