VIDEO: Meghan In The Octagon vs. MMA Fighter Felice Herrig

Meghan Kluth steps into the ring this week with ass-kicking MMA fighter and Chicago native Felice “Lil’ Bulldog” Herrig, who’s training with Team Curran in Crystal Lake.

Twice a month, Meghan and her ace film crew hit the Chicago streets in search of great sports stories. In her first installment, she tackled the Bears-Texans tailgate. Then she hunted down Black(hawk) Friday shoppers on Michigan Avenue. Now she’s learning how to choke somebody out, courtesy Felice, who fights Patricia Vidonic tonight, Dec. 14, at Horseshoe Casino (tickets here).

Where should she go next? Send us suggestions @ChicagoSide & @Kluthfairy.

VIDEO #1: Meghan At The Tailgate (Bears-Texans)
VIDEO #2: Meghan At Black(hawk) Friday


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