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When Good Things Happen To Bad Teams: Gordon Beckham’s Resurgence

EDITOR’S NOTE: With both baseball teams struggling, it has turned into a long season for Chicago fans. So we thought we’d run this silver-lining series, “When Good Things Happen To Bad Teams (WGTHTBT)” which looks for the best in the bad…

The 2013 make-or-break season for Gordon Beckham wasn’t off to a good start.

Beckham missed almost two months after breaking a bone in his left hand on a swing against the Washington Nationals. The one-time top prospect was floundering, and looked like another Sox disappointment from an increasingly barren farm system, save for the savior Josh Phegley.

But Beckham, who came into this season with a .245 career average, has more than turned things around.

GOOD THING: Gordon Beckham getting hot.

Starting June 14 when he went 1 for 4 against the Houston Astros, Beckham has looked the part of a quality major-league second baseman. Entering Monday against the Cubs, Beckham was 29 for 81 (.358) in 22 games. Sure, we’d like to see him walk a bit more (one walk in that span), but we’ll take any progress we can get from the White Sox, who tweaked Beckham’s stance into more of a crouch to get him to the ball quicker.

Beckham’s resurgence won’t help the woeful White Sox turn it around this season but it bodes well for their future. If they choose to keep him, the 26-year-old Beckham could be a part of the next good Sox team after a rebuild. And his attractive contract (first-year arbitration eligible) might make him a good piece for a team looking for a productive second baseman and bring back needed prospects.

Regardless of what else is going on with the Sox, Beckham’s development is a needed positive for a bleak-looking future. Hey, Josh Phegley can’t do everything.

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